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Biopic on Life of Nikola Tesla to Start Filming

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Local filmmaker seeks to restore famed inventor's reputation

 Tesla aged 36.jpeg 

Tesla, aged 37, 1893, photo by Napoleon Sarony.

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They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. But when it comes to Nikola Tesla — mystic, inventor and pioneer of alternating-current electricity — there are bound to be exceptions. 
Among them is Michael Anton, a native of Jeannette who's returning to filmmaking to tell Tesla's story. 

When Anton left filmmaking at age of 23 — "It was the Robert Downey Jr. story, without the drugs," he says of his departure — he'd already made a handful of low-budget films. The best-known was 2006's Potheads: The Movie, which attracted a surprisingly high-profile cast for a film shot on a five-figure budget. (The cast included the guy who'd played Darth Maul in the Star Wars prequel, and one-half of the electronic dance-music duo LMFAO.) But when asked about the film, Anton winces like he's been zapped with 120 volts. "I was young. One of my mistakes was the execution of Potheads," he says.

More recently, the now-30-year-old has been doing marketing for hospice-care facilities outside Pittsburgh. But then Ti Bureau, his film producer and romantic partner, asked him, "Have you ever heard the Nikola Tesla story?"

As Anton discovered, that story is a classic tale of immigrant success, unsung genius and occasional pigeon-coddling.  And it forms the basis of The Mad Scientist, the biopic Anton has written and hopes to begin shooting in Pittsburgh late this summer.

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Source: Pittsburgh City Paper.

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